Research & Development
Pre-Seed Data
Why Graphene?
Project Roadmap
We are proud to announce our startup’s first scientific article on ECS:
Current achievements
Own production
Industrial production of our own graphene: established
The unique properties of our own graphene: confirmed
In-house R&D
An agreement with the USUCT lab for R&D of energy-storing products: signed

Proven prospects

Laboratory results proving the prospects of creating new technology: obtained
ABAF participation

22nd International Conference –

Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells (Brno, CZ): attended

Scientific publication
An article in the scientific journal Electrochemical Society: prepared
Pre-seed period of 2021-2022
Launch of the project
06/21 – 09/21
06/21 – 09/21
Research of graphene properties, testing of samples
09/21 – 01/22
09/21 – 01/22
Development of graphene-based materials
10/21 – 08/22
10/21 – 08/22
Engagement of new partners and customers
01/22 – 09/22
01/22 – 09/22
Creation of a physical prototype
06/22 – 08/22
06/22 – 08/22
Registration of patent applications and scientific documentation
02/22 – 10/22
02/22 – 10/22
Calculation of a further business plan, fundraising
11/21 – 10/22
11/21 – 10/22
PR-events for project’s growth
Welcome a total game-changer of our own production:
The resistivity to electric current is 10 times less than that of copper
Thermal conductivity
10 times higher than copper. Effectively dissipates heat, resists dendrites
200 000х
200 000х thinner
than a human hair
Electron mobility
250x higher than silicon

The matter to

enhance it all

Graphene is a two-dimensional nano-material, which was discovered in 2004, being honored and appreciated by Nobel Prize in 2010.

Despite the increasing miniaturization and energy requirements of modern electronics, battery technology is left behind. Modern lithium-ion batteries suffer from slow charge times and a relatively short effective lifetime. We incorporate graphene into battery technology to greatly enhance its efficiency, while also taking advantage of its conductivity, its low weight, and even its mechanical flexibility.

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