About us
Who we are

A team of like-minded dreamers and innovators who are united in achieving large ambitious goal: to develop an ultimate way to store the energy, thus

helping any sustainable industry once and for all get rid of nature-harming technologies and reach its evolutionary heights responsibly.

We rise above the competition by using one of the most extraordinary materials known to exist on Earth – Graphene, of own production. With its unique properties, our rich scientific experience, knowledge and practical application in the field, it can be stated clearly: industrial sustainability in use of energy has never been this close.

“No secret formula in our DNA. We literally empower industries by doing what we believe in the most. And it is set in stones.
– Serhii Dubinevych, CEO of MaxAh
Our Mission
We plan to lead the field by carrying out a
complex of ideas, cutting-edge researches and developments
in order to create the most efficient, innovative, sustainable
and safe ready-to-use products on the market
Our Vision
We strive to empower any sustainable industry
across the world to reach its evolutionary heights in total
harmony with nature, by producing the ultimate energy-storing solutions
Research & Development
Our Team
Serhii Dubinevych
serial entrepreneur, inventor, founder of innovative projects (FuelWell, FTB, PapaJoy) owner of numerous patents
Viacheslav Zinin
Initiator and manager of the industrial production of graphene project since 2017
Oleksii Korzhenko

Yuliia Levit
Vlad Alekseev
Stanislav Zalevskyi
PR Manager
Our Team
Oleksandr Markevych
Ph.D. in electrochemistry
Yuliya Polishchuk
Ph.D. in electrochemistry
Hanna Potapenko
D.Sc in electrochemistry
Oleksandr Potapenko
Ph.D. in electrochemistry


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